welcome to sewing-critters

we will be back soon!

some points made us decide to come back 

- the sewing-critters managed to move in a new place that gives us more building space

- we had so many requests for suits and stuff from all of you

- life without working on fursuits would be sooo lame, wouldn't it ? ;) 



we will be back soon

so stay tuned for a new page, new projects and new plush and fursuit concepts

we're looking forward to what ever future brings us :)


first Happy New Year to all you guys :)

we didn't update our page for some months so now we have lots of updates for you

three new suits have been added:

say hi to Bandit the sabretooth and to the plushies RGB Panda and Rubin Panda


and we created a new gallery - the group pics:

the idea behind that gallery is to show you pics of meetings from our suits - just have a look


today we proudly present the updated innersuit for our plushie suits

additional we put some new pics of Patchpup online