welcome to sewing-critters

It is finally done, we have a new concept for our plushie undersuit. 

After the big success with the panda Grün for Fibre Kitty we decided to go on offering some commissions again.

Our time is quite short so we offer those commissions to our friends - so guys you know where to find us so just ask ;)



today we proudly present the updated innersuit for our plushie suits

additional we put some new pics of Patchpup online


It is done :) 
After creating a completely new undersuit we did a first commission of a new style plushsuit.

You guys may know him already, the amazing Fibre Kitty commissioned him 
(well he made us building again ;) )

Be sure to give him lots of hugs when ever you see him.


To all who already guessed it, we are still alive ;)
Due to some "plush crazy" guys who love our style we decided to rework our current plushie suit.

This means that we will offer commissions again.
The rule is easy, you tell us what you have in mind and we decide if thats interesting for us.
We look forward to work for you guys again :)