welcome to sewing-critters

Currently we are working on a new concept for our plushie suits.

We plan to do commissions again, so if you are interested just contact us.

We are willing to do projects that are interesting for us :)

btw. we ship worldwide :)
so don't hesitate to contact us



To all who already guessed it, we are still alive ;)
Due to some "plush crazy" guys who love our style we decided to rework our current plushie suit.

This means that we will offer commissions again.
The rule is easy, you tell us what you have in mind and we decide if thats interesting for us.
We look forward to work for you guys again :)


we decided to freeze this project for a undefined amount of time, maybe we will sometimes
offer suits again, but we still dunnot know if or when

thanks to everyone who got a suit from us and to all our fans

so long - the sewing-critters


added a new suit to our gallery, maybe you have seen him on MFF :)
here we present Mio the meerkat